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Carriers →
New Business Checklist: (get from Pam/MTD for deadlines)
Underwriting Guidelines:

Aetna – (PDF) name of carrier is link to website
Anthem – http://www.anthem.com/wps/portal/ahpagent?content_path=agent/va/f1/s0/t0/pw_ad076714.htm&rootLevel=0&state=va&label=Welcome%20Brokers
Carefirst – https://broker.carefirst.com/wps/portal/BrokersAgents
Coventry – http://chcdelaware.coventryhealthcare.com/services-and-support/brokers/index.htm

Kaiser – https://brokernet.kp.org/broker/resources/kpbn_mid/sellplans?WCM_GLOBAL_CONTEXT=#
United Healthcare – https://unitedeservices.com/public/uespublic/launch.jsp

Carrier News & Updates:

Carrier contact list (add Nachell’s carrier/contact list)

Services & Marketing → Generally describe PBGA wholesale

Renewals →

(Forms to be attached here)

Contacts → We have a full service team that is available to assist you from licensing & appointments, rating, sales support, marketing services, escalated issues, new business processing and renewals.

Meet the broker services team:

Laura Chaney, Director of Wholesale Operations
301-458-2146 • Laura.Chaney@potomacbasin.com

Nicole Mattingly, Broker Liaison Specialist
301-458-2167 • Nicole.Mattingly@potomacbasin.com

Ann McDermott, Manager of Wholesale Operations
301-458-2147 • Ann.McDermott@potomacbasin.com

Brittany Stephens, Sr. Renewals Analyst
301-458-2184 • Brittany.Stephens@potomacbasin.com

Dawn Wilson, Manager of Wholesale New Business: 301-458-2111

Quoting → “Link to Health Connect Login” https://pbga.healthconnectsystems.com/

In the News: Potomac Basin is in the "Top 10" on the Washington Business Journal Book of Lists

We are pleased to announce that we are the 10th largest insurance brokerage agency in DC region. Our revenue of $12.3 million — up from $11.8 from 2009 — helped us earn this prestigious position.

Health Care Reform: What You Need to Know

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On Wellness: What is Disease Management?

Whether your corporation is seeking solutions that improve healthcare costs, increase work productivity, or reduce disability claim incidences, disease management (DM) has proven to have positive results in all three areas. Learn how.

About our parent company, NFP Benefits Partners

In 2007, Potomac Basin partnered with NFP Benefits Partners, a national corporate benefits company with 1500 benefits professionals, 30,000 corporate clients, and 165 offices across the U.S. As part of this dynamic network, we can provide our clients with more controlled costs.